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The new Podcasts

I mentioned in last week's post that I've started two new podcasts. And I wanted to tell you about them in a little more detail today. Of course, I started Write Songs With Me last year, but because I'm getting more consistent with posting this year, so I'll just set this as the true start of this podcast as well. So without further ado, here's a presentation of my two brand new podcasts:

Write Songs With Me

This is a podcast directed at songwriters, and those who want to start writing songs. I break down my process, share my best tips and write songs live on the podcast. Most songwriting podcasts, I find, is people either interviewing songwriters in every episode or focus on the business of songwriting. I was missing a podcast that focused deeply on the creative process of writing songs, and something showing that you didn't have to win a Grammy to feel like a songwriter- or need to know music for that matter. I see it as a good starting point for beginners, as well as inspiration for those are more experienced. In the future, I hope to create a whole social group around it where people can collaborate and share their ideas with each other.

Pride and Procrastination

This was the kind of project that took all of two days from thinking of it until it was in the making. I've been aware of Jane Austen for a really long time, even tried to read one of her books once and just couldn't get into it. Potterless is one of my favourite podcast, and suddenly it clicked that I could do something similar. I haven't even checked if this concept is already being done. Sometimes I feel like it's better not to know of the competition so that what you do is completely you and not putting on a show to convince listeners to choose me. So if you like commentary podcasts and snarky comments about romance and marriage, this is the podcast for you.

And that's it. Two new incredibly exciting projects that I hope you will listen to and share with your friends.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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