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Choosing my bachelor thesis

I'm writing my bachelor thesis this semester, and seeing that we could write about anything we wanted, I decided to write about a subject about which I was interested in learning more. Copyright and ownership in music has been something I always found very difficult. There are so many footnotes and what ifs, you could be forgiven for thinking it was written with the purpose of being confusing.

But I needed an angle. I can't just write about copyright laws. That would be far too wide, and I would get lost at the next turn. And it hit me; Taylor Swift. She has to rerecord all her music because her label sold all her masters to someone else. Now, how is that posible? What factors contributed to this outcome, and what could have been done differently.

I think it's a very interesting subject in that I want to try to figure out how we go from here. How can we make the music business more favourable for the creators? Where can we find the solutions? For example, is indie music the way to go? Is it the only solution out there?

So far I have a lot of questions and not that many answers. That will change soon however, and I want to take you along for the journey. In a new segment I've decided to call Copyright Conundrums, I will share my research in an interesting, non-academic way. From next week, they will be posted every week on Tuesdays. So make sure you tune in for that.

In the meantime you can enjoy Taylor's music on Spotify, or check out my music right here on the website. Just click on the menu folder called Music and you're there!

Have a great weekend, babes!

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